What’s New for Fall?


Summer is just about over, we’re breaking out our hoodies, and it’s about time for a hotly anticipated update from camp BCades.

Last night, we had the pleasure of unplugging and hitting the airwaves on 100.7 WZLX for a Summer Session on Boston Emissions. Check it out below!

Next weekend we’re taking the South Shore by storm for the Jazz/Rock/Pop Festival at the South Shore Conservatory of Music. It’s an all-weekend event and our set is at 4pm on Sunday the 21st. Braintree Patch wrote some things about it too, woot. You can RSVP via facebook right here.

In case it wasn’t obvious from the graphic up top, we’re also playing on 10/17 at PAs lounge in good ol’ Somerville, home turf for 3/5ths of us. Sharing the stage with us is Answerman, Go Blank, and Emergency Exit. Come have a brew or two before we rock out. RSVP here.

Anything going on in Barricades Labs you ask? Well, yes actually. We’ve got a few new songs simmering. At the end of August our good friend Mike put out a remix of Ghosts, which you can check out below. Don’t be surprised if you hear more things like this in the future ;)

Couple of links worth checking out — A really killer review of our 7/6 gig at the Middle East, and some pics from the night.

TTFN (ta-ta for now)

- Barricades

Live From Redstar Union!


Shortly after our first Rumble show, we received an email from Sooz, a local photographer and all-around great human being.  She invited us to play a showcase at the mythical Redstar Union on May 15th, where she was curating an installment of The Singhs and Friends. Joining us that evening was the ever-funky Andrea Gillis Band.

We were pretty excited.  After doing just a bit of research, we discovered that Redstar is a full-blown HD Video Performance venue that live-streams your set all over (Hi Norm!) and after all is said and done, sends you the footage for everyone to enjoy. Oh, and there’s a massive LED screen behind you when you play.

The show was a success, venue was awesome, and all involved were super nice. Just yesterday, the footage hit our inbox. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Rumble Night 3

10253846_10151980439286695_6365617981835950860_nThis picture comes from Daykampmusic.com I think it captures the sentiment from Tuesday night.

We were very fortunate to be declared the winners of Night 3 of Rumble 35. We shared a stage with some incredible other bands. Airport displayed unfathomable musicianship with their smooth style. Z*L Brought us back to the garage with some down-right dirty rock tunes. And last but certainly not least was the Life Electric. They finished the night with some insane dance/arena rock. Huge drums and anthemic guitars always hits home in the best way. We thoroughly enjoyed their set and hope to join them on a bill in the future.

A few videos have been circulating the internets of our performances. Check out Have One On Me and our finale of Different Day

Shout out to our good friend Bill who participated in a Bubble Gun fight during Living in a Bubble. Pretty sure his POV was this most of the time:


Our Bubbles certainly made a pop that night. Here are some posts about the evening:

Vanyaland’s Comments

Boston Herald Comments

We are honored to be chosen to move on to the next round, which will be Friday April 18th at TT the Bears. We will be playing with nights 1&2 winners Tigerman Woah and Goddamn Draculas.

A Million thanks to everyone who came out and supported us Tuesday night. It would not have been nearly as much fun without you guys.

More details on Round 2 to come!




Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble 2014


It’s on the internet so it is officially out: Barricades is a part of the 2014 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble. We are so honored be apart of this Boston tradition. Game time will be Tuesday April 8th at 9:00 PM EST. The Rumble takes place at TT the Bears in Cambridge MA right off of the Central Red Line Stop.

Here is the official Facebook Event

Huge congratulations to the 23 other bands who are a part of this years lineup, especially our good friends Emma Ate the Lion who played our CD release show at the same venue.

We are working diligently, preparing a rock solid set for that night. We will need all the support we can muster so we’d better see all your beautiful faces that night.

WZLX sent us some questions to answer about ourselves and our participation in this years Rumble. You can read our witty answers here.

Love everybody!

Kicks in a Bubble

Hello lovely internet people! We have news to share today!

As the twitters and facebooks may have told you, we were lucky enough to be the first band to participate in Converse Rubber Tracks Boston.  At the end of November, we got an email inviting us to come to Q Division Studios on 12/3.  We were pumped.  Free studio time? Free Converse? At one of the best studios in MA? Yes please. As details emerged, we also found out that our engineer for the day would be Aaron Bastinelli, who has worked on albums for Vacationer and Body Language — two great bands who you all should be checking out.

On 12/2 we took a band trip to the Converse store on Newbury Street to pick up our complimentary kicks for the session. After much deliberation, we walked out feeling trendy and ready for a photo shoot. Or recording session, whatever.

The next morning, we loaded in and were wowed by the soundboard, the amps, the vintage mics, and the space.  Drums got mic’ed, line checked, heads tuned, and then warmup began.
Our goal for the day was to leave Q Division with a fully tracked and mixed single to share. Over a few hours, we live tracked drums, bass, and guitar.  It was a pretty new experience recording all at once, but we certainly had fun.  We then went back and did vocals, harmonies, and some extra riffs and shreddage.  By 7pm, we had our mixed track.

With a little help from Matt at Q Division, we found our mastering engineer: Jonathan at M-Works in Cambridge.  Jonathan had it mastered for us in about a week, and we’re stoked at the end result.  Check it out below, our new single, Living in a Bubble. If you listen closely, you can hear how fashionable our footwear is (Mr. DiVito’s especially).

In other news, we also got an Instagram, so follow us, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Also, we have a couple shows lined up:

1/4/2014 at Church of Boston with The Wild Northern

1/6/2014 at O’Briens Pub with The Howl

Hope you guys all dig the new song, we’ll see you at the next gig!

- ‘Cades

With Perfect Aim



We’ve been busy.

On 7/30, we successfully released With Perfect Aim to the masses.  We are uber-stoked.  This took us a super long time (we know) but we’re beyond excited to be able to share it.  It’s been pretty well received over the past few weeks too. We got reviewed by The Deli, Amplified Mag, and Music Box Pete.  As of the writing of this post, we’re up for Artist of the Month over at newengland.thedelimag.com.  We also got airplay on Boston Emissons (100.7 WZLX) and Bay State Rock (97.7/107.3 WAAF).

The practice space is getting sweaty as we polish things up for a legit CD release show at TT The Bear’s with our friends Emma Ate The Lion, The Bridgebuilders, and Night Mayor.  You can RSVP to the event here and buy tickets over at Full Scene Ahead for $5.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, we’ve put up a page where you can stream the whole album and then pick it up from whichever digital distribution service you chose. Check it out — http://barricadesmusic.com/withperfectaim.  Or if you’re super duper lazy, maybe we’ll just embed the bandcamp player at the bottom.

In preparation for all this, we hastily took some photos with our pal Dave Green. We think they came out swell.

That’s all for now. Keep listening, liking and sharing. It makes our days awesome. We hope we make yours a little better too.

More Things


Dan and Chris hanging with Charlie of Bion at the Rock Shop at Middle East Downstairs.

Had a solid show at the Hard Rock on Friday Night. Always lots of fun there. We now have T-Shirts available for sale at our shows.

Next weekend we will wrap up recording for With Perfect Aim!

That’s all for now, just a quick post for you peeps.

Catch ya later!


Hey y’all,


Just a quick little update before (I think) a big “With Perfect Aim” update coming in the next few weeks.  Along with releasing the new album we’ve also designed a new T-Shirt that will be on sale at all of our shows and to fulfill our Indiegogo perks (if you donated…THANKS again).  We decided to put the power to the people and see which color combinations that they like the best via Facebook and the color winners were:




Now, we need one more thing: YOUR CHOICE!

If your contribution included a t-shirt in the perk (Indiegogo), let us know which color you want and what size.

available sizes are:
Girls S
Girls M
Guys S
Guys M
Guys L
Guys XL

send us your size and NAVY or GRAY so we’ll have you covered.

You can post it to facebook or email us at:


Thanks a million, music will be in your ears sooner than you know it.

<3 Barricades

Up to the minute Barricades info~!

Hey y’all

It has been a few weeks but we wanted you to know that we didn’t forget you and we have some awesome, awesome things in the works.

First of all…last sunday the whole crew was in the studio for 9 hours and we’re almost finished with recording and then we can get to mixing and mastering!!!  Just a handful of sessions left and we can put out With Perfect Aim and release it to the masses…well, as many of the masses who know/like us.



For those of you who donated to the indieGogo campaign last month, we’re beginning to pile together the merch/rewards for the upcoming album release!!!  Dan (who finished his drummies a long time ago!) was hard at work all day Sunday in designing a new logo for both shirt and the actual disc of “WPA” and here’s what he came up with:


What we’d like YOU guys to go is head to our Facebook page and vote for which color scheme you think is best.  We’re going to print the two color combos that get the most votes so vote both early and often (only one vote will count).



This Friday we’re going to be playing at one of favorite South Shore venues the Beachcomber with our friends in Emma ate the Lion, the Plaid, and Giantist.  Tickets are only $6 at the door and you get four awesome bands which will turn out be an awesome night!


That’s all we have for now…updated will matriculate as we get closer to the release of WPA